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Published Articles
Published Articles

Media inquiries for additional information about Rosemary Beach should be directed to Tracy Louthain Communications.


The Irish Times  – August, 2013

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Evansville Living - JULY 2013
Evansville Living  – July/August, 2013

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New York Post - May 2013
New York Post – May 14, 2013

...Read More

Florida Trend - April 2013
Florida Trend – April 2013 issue

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The Elks Magazine - February 2013
The Elks Magazine – Feb. 2013 issue

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Valdosta Daily Times - March 2013
Valdosta Daily Times, March 24, 2013.

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Town & Style - April 2013
Town & Style, April 10, 2013.

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Sweet Leisure - March 2013
Sweet Leisure, March 21, 2013.

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Pensacola Magazine - April 2013
Pensacola Magazine, April 2013.

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The News Herald - April 2013
The News Herald, April 14, 2013.

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Healthy Travel - Spring 2013
Spring 2013 issue of HealthyTravel.

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DeSoto - January 2013
January, 2013 issue of DeSoto.

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Austin American Statesman - February 2013
February 24, 2013 issue of the Austin American-Statesman..

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The Winter 2012 issue of The Knot wedding magazine features Rosemary Beach, Florida as one of 50 Best Honeymoon locations and one of the 10 best beaches.

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Shelbyco Magazine – April & May 2012
Seaside Sanctuaries
By Becky J. Beall

Florida's Northwest Gulf Coast is home to many unique beach communities serenely nestled along upscale Highway 30A between Panama City and Destin, such as Rosemary, Grayton and Alys Beaches, WaterColor and Seaside. To locals, this stretch of paradise is know simply as "30A".

...Read More

008 Magazine – March & April 2012
Fixed along Florida's Route 30A, tucked away between two of the most popular beaches in the Florida Panhandle is a picturesque little pet-friendly community...Read More

Alabama Journey – March & April 2012
Rosemary & Time
The ingredients for an old-fashioned beach getaway in Florida.

Story & Photographs by Leslie Forsberg

...Read More

Simply The Best – March & April 2012
The Third Coast | Rosemary Beach

By Judy Kirkwood

...Read More

Mobile Bay – March 2012
Delight in the Details

Creative planning and great care are evident everywhere in this new traditional Golf Coast town.

Text by Judy Culbreth
Illustrations by Eugenia Foster

...Read More

Harrisburg – February 2012
Rosemary Beach by Jill Gleeson

It is seemingly endless stretches of beach graced by sand so soft and white it brings to mind less clichéd sugar than finer flour...Read More

Bonita & Estero Magazine – September & October 2011
Designer Vacations
By Chelle Koster Walton

Rosemary Beach re-creates an old-fashioned beach town with a look all its own. The town of Seaside really started something in Florida's Panhandle. The brainchild of Miami planners Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, it was the first-of-its-kind traditional neighborhood development...Read More

Ocala Style – July 2011
A Break From The Ordinary – Rosemary Beach

Inspired by traditional beach towns, Rosermary Beach, located on Florida's northwest Gulf coast between Panama City and Destin, was designed to bring back the 1950s notions of community and convenience...Read More
Evansville Living – May & June 2011

Relying on Rosemary
Florida without children? Yes, it is possible.
By Kristen K. Tucker

The Family Appeal of a Florida panhandle vacation is undeniable: Ten hours of car time, and you're checked into your teal and coral toned condo ready to hit the crowded beach or take the kids on the go-cart track. Even more appealing is the grown-up vacation...Read More
Country Living – May 2011
The Relaxing Beach Holiday
Head to Rosemary Beach, Florida, a cute-as-a button Gulf Coast town centered around a verdant square lined with shops and cafés. Hit the white-sand beach, where you can rent sailboats, paddleboards or a hammock...Read More
Nashville Lifestyles – March 2011
Beaches – Garrett Cottage
78 S. Green Turtle Lane
Rosemary Beach, Florida

The House
A perfectly situated cottage is always the key to a stay on 30A, and Garrett Cottage, right on the Gulf, definitely meets that criteria...Read More
Birmingham Magazine – March 2011
Florida Beaches of South Walton
Rosemary Beach is a cycling town. You won't see many cars traveling through, so the best way to explore the area is to rent a bicycle from Bamboo Bicycle Company, located in the heart of Rosemary Beach's town center...Read More
Chocolate can never indulge in too much chocolate. Rosemary beach has a rare marriage of Spain's beloved chocolaterias and tapas bars in La Crema, visit More
Building Savvy Magazine – Volume I 2011
Take a Trip to Paradise for a Study in New Urbanism
by Steve and Beverly Smirnis

Gently lapping surf, warm Gulf breezes and long stretches of white sand beaches–this is the stuff of which dream vacations are made...Read More
Orlando Style – December 2010 & January 2011
Travel 'N Style
Photos by Sven J. Bode & others provided by Geiger Associates...See Photos
Ocean Home – November & December 2010
The LEED-certified Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, the "greenest airport in the nation" and the first international airport built in the U.S. is more than a decade, opened in May.  Convenient to the panhandle between Pensacola and Tallahassee, the airport is minutes from Rosemary Beach, an architecturally fascinating and diverse town that celebrates...Read More
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - November 2010
AJC Living & Arts, Travel Section
Road trip Rosemary beach, Fla.

A pedestrian paradise

Town by the beach was planned for touring by foot.
By Blake Guthrie

Book-ended by the condominium high rises of Panama City Beach and Destin in the distance, Rosemary Beach appears as if out of a storybook to travelers along the Emerald Coast of the northwest Florida panhandle.  Nothing in this planned community along Scenic Highway 30-A rises over four stories....Read More
Orlando Style – August 2010
Everybody Loves Rosemary
By Cathleen K. Bode

This beachside destination located on the eastern end of Route 30A with its quaint town center features all the laid-back amenities sought after by those wishing to relax...Read More
Chesapeake Family – August 2010
Savor Serenity at Rosemary Beach
Family Fun By Kristen Page-Kirby

If you're looking for a vacation destination for next summer (rather than a last-minute getaway), plan on going when Camp Rosemary is in session.  The daycamp for kids five to twelve gives you a break in the morning – they can play, meet new friends and do crafts while you hang out on the beach (or just sleep)...Read More
Florida Travel & Life – August 2010
This way to the beach...
Seaside towns along a secret stretch of coast offer architectural beauty and easy living. One hour flights or an easy drive have long attracted second-home buyers  from the South to Northwest Floridy. (Don't be surprised by the occasional "y'all" and "ma'am" and cuisine with a Southern spin.)...Read More
Manhattan Magazine – Spring 2010
Rosemary Beach glistens with a pristine coastline and small-town charm.  There's no such thing as a mediocre sunset in Rosemary Beach.  Daily the last rays shimmer across a broad slice of beach before slipping beneath the Emerald Coast's water-colored horizon...Read More
Montgomery Parent – February 2010
Romancing Rosemary Beach
Plan the Perfect Couple's Getaway

by Kyla Steinkraus

Are you feeling worn down and stressed out? You love your kids, but you find yourself fantasizing about dinner sans chicken nuggets tossed across the room or a conversation without baby talk spiced in.  You need a couples vacation...Read More
Pensacola Magazine – December 2009 & Janaury 2010
It was one of those perfect fall days - the sky was a deep blue, brimming with monolith formations of cumulus clouds - the kind that cast huge shadows and seem to dwarf the horizon...Read More
Southern Living - September 2009
You don't have to be J.Lo or Paris Hilton to wear your own custom made fragrance. Nor are you required to fly to Rodeo Drive. Aromatic and unique gifts await as close as the Florida Panhandle, where the shops of Rosemary Beach aim to please even the choosiest diva...Read More
Mississippi - July & August 2009
Past the hustle and bustle of Destin, Florida, and just on the outskirts of Panama City Beach is the sweet life of Rosemary. Entering the city limits of Rosemary Beach, your senses are instantly captivated by the tranquil sounds of waves, eclectic European and West Indies architecture, and the smell of lush wild rosemary...Read More
Florida Travel & Life - May & June 2009
Tucked away in North Florida on pillow-puff sand dunes laced with Florida scrub sits Rosemary Beach, a charming New Urbanist community - everything is within walking distance of everything else - that sits on a quiet stretch of shoreline facing the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico...Read More
Destination I Do - Spring 2009
A traditional wedding with a fresh new look. You've been dreaming of your wedding day for years and the time has finally arrived. You wanted a traditional wedding with fresh new look, and Rosemary beach, Florida is just the place. No matter how you reach it, your arrival is like entering a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere...Read More
Tampa Bay Weddings - January 2009
A wedding at Florida's own Rosemary Beach provides an extraordinary location and experience. Rosemary Beach's one-of-a-kind design was created with top resort destinations in mind, with architecture reminiscent of St. Augustine, the West Indies, New Orleans, and Charlston. The sugar-white sands and natural dunes of Rosemary Beach provide a stunning backdrop for the 'I dos'...Read More
NW Style - January 2009
Sometimes decisions are so tough. The sky is a brilliant blue, the ocean shades of sapphire, aquamarine and emerald, the sand looks like powdered pearls. A walk on the beach? Or how about a trip to the pool?...Read More
Grand Luxe Registry - November 2008
While some areas of Florida have built their reputation on non-stop activities and sensory overload, Rosemary Beach thrives on serenity. It's the kind of place where you can unplug and recharge at the same time; a place where the streets are more populated with bicycles and foot traffic than with automobiles...Read More
Southern Accents - September & October 2008
Along the Gulf of Mexico, you'll find a posh yet laid-back town with high-quality shopping and dining enhanced by the nearness of the shore. Years ago, a weekend in the panhandle meant beautiful scenery and fresh seafood; but probably not upscale shopping and fine dining. In the last few decades, though, communities have popped up between Destin and Panama City that dispel any preconceptions of beach kitsch...Read More
Boca - September & October 2008
"Now we're going to play it our way," Ken Gifford says. Instead of rolling the pallino across the even lawn of the Western Green, he bowls it down an adjacent walkway.  The small ball cracks against a planter and slows to a halt. This is "extreme bocce", a version of the Italian lawn-bowling game, invented by the residents of Rosemary Beach...Read More
Beverly Hills Report - Summer 08
Tranquil Retreat at Rosemary Beach...Rosemary Beach is a newly minted town on the Northern Florida gulf coast where a dozen years ago there was only white sand and the indigenous boscage, highlighted by the blue-flowered aromatic evergreen shrub that gave the town it's name...Read More
Just for Canadian Doctors - May/June 08
Seaside sojourn - Sun, surf + sugar-white sand in Florida's panhandle - Most Eastern Canadians heading to the southern US for a sun vacation choose Southern Florida, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and environs. But there is another part of Florida that is fairly untouched by Canuck footsteps and yet has a lot to offer those of us who seek the sun... Read More

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Stone Magazine - May 08
Beach Vacations are, by definition, supposed to be relaxing - a getaway from the stresses and pressures of everyday life, with the decisions of the day no more demanding than what beverages to bring to the beach, or which of the four swimsuits you packed to wear. Truth be told, however, it is not often that those of us who are electronically tethered to our work lives find a retreat that is truly a refuge from the rest of the world; a place that offers luxury and nostalgia, a place that positively discourages cars, encourages strolls and bike rides, and practically commands one to banish any modern technology to the suitcase... Read More
Executive Travel - April 08
The Flavor of Beach Chic - Rosemary Beach brings a new sophistication to northwest Florida.  Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TNDs) have sprung up like wildfire across the country since the concept was first introduced in the 1980s. The form, also called New Urbanism, emphasizes a pedestrian scale, public green spaces, and a variety of dwelling types and mixed retail/residential structures, and has been avidly adopted by coastal vacation community developers, whose clientele is eager to arrive, park the car, and get down to the business of relaxing with the family and friends... Read More
Tallahassee Magazine - March/April 08
Wake Up and Smell the Rosemary -  Next time you're trapped in the 5 o'clock gridlock on Thomasville Road, imagine yourself lounging on pristine, sugar-white sand, enjoying the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico with the one you love... Read More
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